Choice of equipment

From Electrical Installation Guide

The choice of equipment is step 3 in the design of an electrical installation. The aim of this step is to select equipment from the manufacturers’ catalogues. The choice of technological solutions results from the choice of architecture.

List of equipment to consider:

  • MV/LV substation,
  • MV switchboards,
  • Transformers,
  • LV switchboards,
  • Busway,
  • UPS units,
  • Power factor correction and filtering equipment.
  • Generators

Criteria to consider:

  • Service conditions (presence of water, dust, etc.),
  • Power availability, including service index for LV switchboards,
  • Safety (for people using or operating the installation),
  • Local regulations,
  • Footprint,
  • Offer availability per country,
  • Utilities requirements,
  • Previous architecture choices.

The choice of equipment is basically linked to the offer availability in the country. This criterion takes into account the availability of certain ranges of equipment or local technical support.

The detailed selection of equipment is out of the scope of this document.