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There is a search box in the upper-right corner of every page. Just type what you are looking for in there and then press ↵ Enter or wait for suggestions to appear.

Start with the recommended methodology

The page Electrical installation design methodology explains the main elements to consider for the design of an electrical installation, with links to the relevant wiki sections.

Use the main Table of Contents

To have a global view of the topics covered by this wiki,
go to the Main page and click directly on the topic you are interested in,
like “Power factor correction” for example, inside the table of contents.

Use the navigation features

The Electrical Installation Wiki is also like a wiki-book: after entering the topic you are interested in, you can browse through the different pages of its content using:

  • the left navigation menu (on mobile phone, clic on the burger icon to make it appear)
  • the PREV PAGE and NEXT PAGE buttons
  • the breadcrumb links