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Question on "Protection by automatic disconnection of the supply in islandable PEI with galvanic separation from the Distribution Network

Zaixing Wang (talkcontribs)

in the architecture, it says there will be no system reference switching device required for islanding operation. however, if the LV busbar neutral is always earthed, it means under grid connected state, you have both busbar neutral earthed and utility neutral earthed in HV/LV transformer start side. please clarify.

LMischler (talkcontribs)

Thanks for your question, @Zaixing Wang. I have forwarded to our experts. And thanks for your interest in the Electrical Installation Wiki!

Mathieu GUILLOT (talkcontribs)

Dear Zaixing Wang, in the figure K23 the neutral is permanently connected to the earth in one single point on the switchboard side of the main OCPD (1) and not on the HV/LV transformer side. But your comment is fair, text should be clarified as the current one is not very obvious.

LMischler (talkcontribs)