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My name Mathieu GUILLOT, and I have been working with Schneider Electric since 1996.

Main fields of expertise

Electrical Distribution and Power Application

  • Power system Design and Architecture (LV / HV)
  • Power system protection (LV / HV)
  • Industrial distribution, embedded generation, Public distribution, Generator, motor, transformer, feeder,
  • Selectivity (Discrimination), cascading, motor starter coordination

Power system steady state and transient phenomena, EMTP simulation

Power quality (EE, Harmonics, EMC, troubleshooting analysis)

Current position

Low voltage switchgears application

Standardization activity

IEC60364 Member (MT 2: Current-carrying Capacity and Related Over-current Protection)



  • Protection of embedded generation connected to a distribution network and loss of mains detection, M. Guillot, C. Collombet, P. Bertrand, and B. Gotzig, IEE Conf. Pub. CP482, v4-11 (2001)
  • Fundamental basis for distance relaying with parametrical estimation, T Segui, P Bertrand, M Guillot, P Hanchin, P Bastard,  IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery (2001)
  • Neural networks: a mature technique for protection relays, P. Bertrand, E. Martin, and M. Guillot, IEE Conf. Pub. CP438, v1-22 (1997)--Mathieu GUILLOT 09:01, 28 April 2010 (UTC)

Complementary Technical Information (all Schneider Electric low voltage coordination tables

Application Guides

  • Guide to energy measurement applications and standards (contributor - 2017)
  • Guide to using the IEC 61557-12 standard to simplify the setup of an energy measurement plan (contributor - 2017)
  • Direct current distribution : Choosing and implementing circuit breakers (2016)
  • Low voltage switchgears & Genset (2014)
  • Low voltage switchgears & Capacitor banks (2013)
  • Low voltage switchgears & Photovoltaic (2012)
  • Low voltage switchgears & wind turbines (2011)