The method to optimize harmonics mitigation

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The best solution, in both technical and financial terms, is based on the results of an in-depth study.

Harmonic audit of MV and LV networks

By calling on an expert, you are guaranteed that the proposed solution will produce effective results (e.g. a guaranteed maximum THDu).

A harmonic audit is carried out by an engineer specialised in the disturbances affecting electrical distribution networks and equipped with powerful analysis and simulation equipment and software.

The steps in an audit are the following:

  • Measurement of disturbances affecting current and phase-to-phase and phase-to-neutral voltages at the supply source, the disturbed outgoing circuits and the non-linear loads
  • Computer modelling of the phenomena to obtain a precise explanation of the causes and determine the best solutions
  • A complete audit report presenting:
    • The current levels of disturbances
    • The maximum permissible levels of disturbances (refer to IEC 61000, IEEE 519, etc.)
  • A proposal containing solutions with guaranteed levels of performance
  • Finally, implementation of the selected solution, using the necessary means and resources.

The entire audit process should be certified ISO 9002.