The consumer substation with MV metering

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A consumer substation with MV metering is an electrical installation connected to a utility supply system at a nominal voltage usually between 1 kV - 35 kV, which for example may supply:

  • A single MV/LV transformer exceeding generally 1250 kVA
  • Several MV/LV transformers
  • One or several MV/LV secondary substations.

The single line diagram and the layout of a substation with MV metering depend on the complexity of the installation and the presence of secondary substations.

For example a substation may:

  • Include one single room containing the MV switchboard, the metering panel, the transformer(s) and the low voltage main distribution board(s),
  • Supply one or several transformers, each installed in a dedicated room including the corresponding main LV distribution switchboard
  • Supply one or several secondary MV/LV substations.