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Wiring an in-cabinet PC

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My company uses in-cabinet industrial PCs for our machine vision systems. While there's lots of useful information on this wiki, I'm not sure it answers all my questions for this use case.

The PC has a metal case, which is bolted straight to the back plate of the cabinet. The case also has an earth thread and there's an earth pin available on the 24V power connector. The PC needs lots of cables, usually DisplayPort and a few ethernets and USBs.

Most of those cables are shielded, but they break the rules laid out here in pages Cabinet cabling and Implementation of shielded cables. They are not bonded at cabinet entrance, but only after they connect to the PC. Should those pre-made cables be partially stripped and bonded at cabinet entrance, in addition to the bonding to the PC case? Would it help or hurt? All that's assuming that the PC's manufacturer even properly bonded the connectors to the case, of course.

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