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The  Electrical Installation Guide Wiki  (in short, the Electrical Installation Wiki) is:

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A Collaborative platform brought to you by Schneider Electric
Helping electrical engineers to design electrical installations according to international standards such as the IEC 60364
Experts from Schneider Electric are continuously improving the content
Collaboration is open to all

This Electrical Installation Wiki is the live on-line version of the Electrical Installation Guide (PDF).

It is a wiki, like Wikipedia, and as Wikipedia it is an open collaboration encyclopedia, but focused only on the design of electrical installations.

One more point: this wiki has changed to a new look&feel in December 2019, is now also responsive, with a much easier navigation through the content. So if you knew the previous one (it was more "blue color"), welcome to this new version! The content is the same, your account (if you created any) is still there and ready for your comments and contributions!

The contents of the Electrical Installation Guide and Wiki

The Electrical Installation Guide-Wiki content is:

  • written for electrical professionals
  • who design safe and energy efficient low-voltage electrical installations
  • in compliance with the standards published by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)[1], such as the IEC 60364 "Low-voltage electrical installations".

Which technical solution will guarantee that all relevant safety rules are met?

This question has been a permanent guideline for the elaboration of the Electrical Installation Guide-Wiki.

An international Standard such as the IEC 60364 "Low-voltage electrical installations" specifies extensively the rules to comply with to ensure safety and predicted operational characteristics for all types of electrical installations. As the Standard must be extensive, and has to be applicable to all types of products and the technical solutions in use worldwide, the text of the IEC rules is complex, and not presented in a ready-to-use order. The Standard cannot therefore be considered as a working handbook, but only as a reference document.

The aim of the Electrical Installation Guide-Wiki is to provide a clear, practical and step-by-step explanation for the complete design of an electrical installation, according to IEC 60364 series and other relevant IEC Standards. The goal is to facilitate the implementation of these installation standards for electrical professionals such as designers & contractors, but in all cases the original text of International or local standards in force shall prevail.

The contributors

Our experts at Schneider Electric “do the heavy lifting” and share their industry-leading knowledge about new and updated electrical installation standards and technological evolutions, so that you can have the most up-to-date and relevant information.

You can also contribute to the evolution of this technical bible!

Frequently asked questions

What are the differences between this (on-line) Electrical Installation Wiki and the Electrical Installation Guide (PDF)?

The contents of the Wiki and of the Guide (PDF) are pretty much the same, except that:

  • the Wiki may include updates that will only be released in the next edition of the Guide.
  • the Wiki may also include some exclusive contents compared to the Guide, such as Technical Videos added in some of the Wiki pages (see examples in Photovoltaic architectures for self-consumption).

Is this Guide-Wiki applicable to North-American standards?

The simple answer is NO.

The Electrical Installation Guide and Wiki have been written according to International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards, such as the IEC 60364 "Low-voltage electrical installations". North-American standards are different, so many topics covered in this Guide-Wiki are not applicable.

Some of the content might still be relevant for North America, but there is no easy way to identify them.

Where can I find help on how to use or contribute to this wiki?

You can refer to the following pages:

Other information:

A brief history about the Electrical Installation Guide

download the Electrical Installation Guide 2018 in PDF format

The Electrical Installation Guide has been created by Schneider-Electric engineers >25 years ago and constantly updated.

In 2010, Schneider-Electric engineers have decided to share this guide with any other concerned engineers, and have created this Electrical Installation Wiki: this represents a major change!

The Electrical Installation Guide is becoming a collaborative book, as it also includes the contributions received on this Electrical Installation Wiki.

For off-line reference, you can download the latest edition of the Electrical Installation Guide (2018) in PDF format


  1. ^ to know more, visit the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) website