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Type1 SPDs where houses have overhead wires

Msitekkie (talkcontribs)

All my training indicates that Type 1 SPDs are to be used for houses where the incoming supply is via overhead cables (vs underground supply), but there seem to be few if any practical examples of this in domestic properties that I have been able to find. This Wiki does not even suggest it as a scenario. The situation is not helped by suppliers who do not seem to envisage this scenario in their products either. I am perplexed by this situation, given the increasing value of electronic equipment in homes, especially smart homes.

I am keen to generate discussion on this topic, what do you think? Is it an area where DNOs' (UK Power Networks in my area) need to get involved as Type1 SPDs should be at the installation origin? Should it be an optional install, like you can ask your DNO to install an isolator switch.

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