Photovoltaic installation type

From Electrical Installation Guide

The installation type is a factor which should not be neglected since, in countries including France, the purchase price for power supplied is dependent on this. Along with shading, it should be taken into account when choosing a module.

There are three installation types – building integrated, partially integrated and ground-based:

  • Building Integrated PhotoVoltaic (BIPV)
This installation type fulfils a dual role (energy supply and roof waterproofing, shading, etc.).
  • Partially integrated
This is the simplest assembly to install and, most importantly, does not alter the water resistance of a roof. However, its major drawback is that, in France, operators cannot charge the highest rate for it. This installation type is most commonly used in Germany and Switzerland.
  • Ground-based
This installation type is used for power supply plants covering large areas (photovoltaic farms). Again, in France it is not eligible for the highest purchase price.