LED lamps and fixtures

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See also "Lighting circuits" for more details

A lamp or luminaire with LED technology is powered by a driver:

  • can be integrated into the bulb (tube or lamp for retrofit) : in this case refer to the power indicated on the lamp
  • if separated : in that case it is necessary to take into account the power dissipated in the driver and the power indicated for one or several associated LED modules.

This technology has a very short start-up time. On the other hand, the inrush current at the powering is generally much higher than for fluorescent lamp with electronic ballast.

Note: The power in Watts indicated on the LED module with a separated driver doesn’t include the power dissipated in the driver.

Fig. A9 – Main characteristics of LED lamps & fixtures
Power demand (W) at 230 V Power factor Starting Luminous efficiency (lumens/watt) Average timelife (h) Utilization
Inrush current Ip/In Inrush current time Full Time to start
3 to 400 W > 0.9 Up to 250 < 250 μs < 0.5 to 1 sec 100 to 140 20000 to 50000
  • All lighting applications in all domains (housing,commercial and industrial building, infrastructure)