Measurement for Energy efficiency and cost savings

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For this application, energy needs to be measured in order to make it more efficient, to allocate it within a plant, or to reduce its cost.

Energy efficiency aspects are dealt with in more details in:Energy Efficiency in electrical distribution

The main standards are specified below.

See also recommendations provided in Focus on IEC 61557-12 standard

Fig. S2 – Standards for Energy Efficiency, cost allocation & optimization
Assessment of a complete site Assessment tools Devices used to assess the site
Logo ISO.png ISO 50001
Energy Management Systems –
Requirements with guidance for use
Logo ISO.png ISO 50006
Energy Baseline (EnBs) & Energy Performance Indicators (EnPIs)

Logo IEC.png IEC 60364-8-1
Low voltage installations –
Part 8-1: Energy Efficiency

Logo Afnor.png FD X30-147[a]
Measurement plan for energy performance monitoring

PMD (Power Meters)

Logo IEC.png IEC 61557-12
Power Metering and Monitoring devices (PMD)
Gateways, energy servers, data loggers

Logo IEC.png IEC 62974-1
Monitoring and measuring systems used for data collection, gathering and analysis – Part 1: Device requirements
  1. ^ FD X30-147 is a guide published by AFNOR (French national organization for standardization), which specifies the requirements, methodology and deliverables for the design, implementation, operation, maintenance and improvement of a metering system.