Measurement for Cost allocation, bill checking and sub-billing

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Sub-billing is the process that allows a landlord, property management firm, condominium association, homeowner association or other multi-tenant property to spread out an invoice over tenants, for measured usages or services. This fee is usually combined with other fees within a tenant’s facility fee.

Since the meter used for sub billing is typically installed in electrical room not accessible by the tenant, the risk of fraud is very limited. This is why devices complying with IEC 61557-12 as well as devices used for billing applications can be used for sub-billing applications. Attention should be put on environmental aspects where the device used for sub-billing needs to fit EMC, temperature and mechanical environment. In any case, measuring devices used in for sub-billing in switchboards and panels need to comply with IEC 61557-12.

Cost allocation is the process that allows a facility manager to allocate energy costs to internal cost centers that consume energy (e.g. plants, workshop, … )

Bill checking is the process that allows customers to check invoice sent by energy suppliers or their representatives is correct.