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Smart panels connect you to energy savings
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Electrical Installation Guide in Wiki format !

The Electrical Installation Guide is now available here as a wiki (Electrical Installation Wiki). This wiki is a collaborative platform, brought to you by Schneider Electric: our experts are continuously improving its content, as they were doing for the guide. Collaboration to this wiki is also open to all.

The aim of the Electrical Installation Guide (and now Wiki) is to help electrical designers and contractors to design electrical installations according to standards such as the IEC60364 or other relevant standards.

You can find below the main table of content of this wiki, with links to all the different chapters or topics (as in the Electrical Installation Guide).

Electrical installation regulations and standards

Design Methodology

Power demand of the electrical installation

Installed power loads

Power demand of the electrical installation

Energy Efficiency in electrical installation

Connection to the utility distribution network

Medium Voltage (MV)

Low Voltage (LV)

Power Factor correction

Architecture selection

Architecture selection guide

LV Distribution

Power harmonics management

Protection against electrical hazards

Protection against electric shocks

Protection against overvoltage

ElectroMagnetic Compatibility

Circuit and switchgears

Sizing and protection of conductors

LV switchgear: function and selection

Recommandations for specific loads, sources, installations and locations

Characteristics of particular sources and loads

Photovoltaic installations

Residential and other special locations

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Electrical Installation Guide
Electrical Installation Guide.png

New release of the Electrical Installation Guide!

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