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What is this collaborative chapter - how to use it

This chapter is for you to place new topics you suggest to add to the WIKI-EIG: completely new topics, or contents which will require an evolution of the WIKI-EIG structure ... in short: any evolution which cannot be done in existing pages.

The contents proposed can then be completed, discussed (using the discussion page), validated (if necessary) by the WIKI-EIG community members. Finally, the community will decide when and how to incorporate this new content in the structure of the WIKI-EIG.

It can be just an idea or suggestion of new topic you would like to find on the WIKI-EIG, as the "direct current application" example shown.
Or if you want to share content you already have on a new topic, create a new page with this content, and link it on the Collaborative chapter page, as shown in the "designing a metering system" example.

--LMischler 12:53, 15 June 2010 (UTC)