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Protection provided for enclosed equipment: codes IP and IK

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IP code definition

(see Fig. E66)

The degree of protection provided by an enclosure is indicated in the IP code, recommended in IEC 60529.

Protection is afforded against the following external influences:

  • Penetration by solid bodies
  • Protection of persons against access to live parts
  • Protection against the ingress of dust
  • Protection against the ingress of liquids

Note: the IP code applies to electrical equipment for voltages up to and including 72.5 kV.

Fig. E66IP Code arrangement

Elements of the IP Code and their meanings

A brief description of the IP Code elements is given in the following chart (see Fig. E67).

Fig. E67Elements of the IP Code

IK Code definition

Standard IEC 62262 defines an IK code that characterises the aptitude of equipment to resist mechanical impacts on all sides (see Fig. E68).

IK code Impact energy (In joules) AG Code
00 0
01 ≤ 0.14
02 ≤ 0.20 AG1
03 ≤ 0.35
04 ≤ 0.50
05 ≤ 0.70
06 ≤ 1
07 ≤ 2 AG2
08 ≤ 5 AG3
09 ≤ 10
10 ≤ 20 AG4

Fig. E68Elements of the IK Code

IP and IK code specifications for distribution switchboards

The degrees of protection IP and IK of an enclosure must be specified as a function of the different external influences defined by standard IEC 60364-5-51, in particular:

  • Presence of solid bodies (code AE)
  • Presence of water (code AD)
  • Mechanical stresses (no code)
  • Capability of persons (code BA)

Prisma switchboards are designed for indoor installation.

Unless the rules, standards and regulations of a specific country stipulate otherwise, Schneider Electric recommends the following IP and IK values (see Fig. E69 and Fig. E70)

IP recommendations

IP codes according to conditions
Normal without risk of vertically falling water Technical rooms 30
Normal with risk of vertically falling water Hallways 31
Very severe with risk of splashing water from all directions Workshops 54/55

Fig. E69IP recommendations

IK recommendations

IK codes according to conditions
No risk of major impact Technical rooms 07
Significant risk of major impact that could damage devices Hallways 08 (enclosure with door)
Maximum risk of impact that could damage the enclosure Workshops 10

Fig. E70IK recommendations