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How to contribute

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I want to improve an existing topic

I want to report a problem with the content of a page

If you have expertise about a topic, and want to make corrections, improvements, add complements, etc. … to the related pages, feel free to do so!

Contributing is easy: see how to edit a page. Even small improvements, like correcting spelling mistakes, are helpful.

You will first need to create an account and log-in to your account, to be able to edit pages. Also, to minimize vandalism by spammers, the homepage and the chapter table of contents are protected, so any update you would like to do on these pages, please Contact us.

You can also practice editing and experiment in a sandbox.

If you spot a problem in a page, you can fix it directly, by clicking on the "Edit" link at the top of that page. See the "I want to improve an existing topic" section of this page for more information.

If you don't feel ready or qualified to fix the article yourself, please post a message on the page's talk page. This will bring the matter to the attention of others who work on that article. There is a "Talk" link at the top of every page. See Help:Talk_pages for more information.

Alternatively you can also Contact us

I'm looking for help with something specific

I want to add a new topic, or suggest a new topic to add

For a complete list of help pages, check Help:Contents.

Just start a new page with the title of this new topic, and add directly some content in this page. Or describe what you would like to say or find about this new topic.

To add images, audio, or video files, see Help:Managing_files.