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Fires of electrical origin

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General rules of electrical installation design
Connection to the MV utility distribution network
Connection to the LV utility distribution network
MV and LV architecture selection guide for buildings
LV Distribution
Protection against electric shocks and electrical fires
Sizing and protection of conductors
LV switchgear: functions and selection
Overvoltage protection
Energy Efficiency in electrical distribution
Power Factor Correction
Power harmonics management
Characteristics of particular sources and loads
PhotoVoltaic (PV) installation
Residential premises and other special locations
ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

In Europe 2.000.000 fires are reported each year, which represent more than 4000 deaths, and 70000 people hospitalized due to severe injuries. On average, 90% of fires in EU happen in buildings ( Electricity is a very regularly identified cause of domestic fires. In homes, 280000 electrical fires occur each year (

Depending on the country and the investigation methods, but also depending on the means of identification, the proportions of electrical fires are:

Electrical fires in low voltage installation may be caused by

Note: Electric arcs in assembly are addressed in chapter LV Distribution