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You can find here the history of the news which have been published on the homepage


2013-03-26 Online Electrical calculation tools: available in Russian and on your tablet!

2012-09-17 Discover new Online Electrical calculation tools

Electrical calculation tools.jpg

Based upon Ecodial electrical network calculation well-known software, Schneider Electric introduces a set of seven computer aided online tools designed to help you.

In complement to this wiki-EIG explaining how to design electrical installation compliant to IEC standards, these on-line tools provide simple and practical help to:

  • Display the time-current curves on a circuit-breaker.
  • Check the discrimination between two circuit-breakers and display their time-current curves.
  • Search all the circuit-breakers that can be selective with a defined circuit-breaker.
  • Search all the circuit-breakers that offer cascading with a defined circuit-breaker.
  • Display the curves of two Residual Current Devices (RCD) and check their discrimination.
  • Calculate the cross section area of cables and build a cable schedule.
  • Calculate the voltage drop of a defined cable and check the maximum length.

All tools propose you a report generation feature. No download needed, you can access from your web browser, and it’s on!

So come, use and let us know your feedback on this brand new series of software tools… and share it with colleagues when you get a great experience.

ps: run using Microsoft Silverlight.

2011-11-21 Wiki-EIG update according to new standards IEC 61439-1 & 2

The editions 2.0 of IEC 61439-1 (Low voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies -General rules) & IEC 61439-2 (Power switchgear and controlgear Assemblies) have been published last august. This is a good opportunity to come back to these two standards as this updates the first editions of 2009. Even if IEC 61439-6 (Busbar trunking systems (busways)) is still awaited in the coming months, the new IEC 61439-x series of standards constitute a coherent set which must supersede the former IEC 60439-x.

The major changes have been introduced already 2 years ago, in the first edition, such as:

  •  Removal of TTA, PTTA concepts
  •  Original manufacturer/assembly manufacturer respective responsibilities

Edition 2 is just providing minor changes: Editorial bugs have been fixed along with some adjustments.

This Wiki-EIG has thus been updated in consequence and now reflects the state-of-the art for ASSEMBLIES standards.

To view the main update paragraph of the Wiki-EIG, Click here

Fig. E32b.JPG

2010-04-06 New WIKI-EIG

The Electrical Installation Guide (EIG), was until 12/2009 an exclusive Schneider-Electric publication distributed through printing and internet (ISBN: 978.2.9531643.3.6, version 2010). This new WIKI-EIG is now allowing all external contribution for improvement and update. This is a major evolution towards neutral knowledge and exchange. The management rules as well as legal ones are coming directly from Wikipedia operation. The idea is to promote technical cooperation between concerned experts from all countries. New articles, new topics, corrections, complements are welcome as long as it fits inside the general field and the consensus between registered contributors is obtained. So far the spirit of the guide was to bring practical information for Electrical Designers based on the latest IEC standards and the energy efficiency trend. We hope that this collaborative experience be a success !