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The Electrical Installation Wiki is:

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A Collaborative platform brought to you by Schneider Electric Helping electrical designers and contractors to design electrical installations according to installation standards as the IEC60364

Experts from Schneider Electric are continuously improving the content Collaboration is open to all

A standard is a goal to reach; the wiki is the guiding tool to make it possible to reach this goal.

Which technical solution will guarantee that all relevant safety rules are met?

This question has been a permanent guideline for the elaboration of the Electrical Installation Wiki.

An international Standard such as the IEC 60364 "Electrical Installation in Buildings" specifies extensively the rules to comply with to ensure safety and predicted operational characteristics for all types of electrical installations. As the Standard must be extensive, and has to be applicable to all types of products and the technical solutions in use worldwide, the text of the IEC rules is complex, and not presented in a ready-to-use order. The Standard cannot therefore be considered as a working handbook, but only as a reference document.

The aim of the Electrical Installation Wiki is to provide a clear, practical and step-by-step explanation for the complete design of an electrical installation, according to IEC 60364 series and other relevant IEC Standards.

The wiki format allows the content to evolve as fast as technology itself.

Zoom on the Electrical Installation Guide

"download the Electrical Installation Guide 2016 in PDF format"

The Electrical Installation Guide has been created by Schneider-Electric engineers 25 years ago and constantly updated.

In 2010, Schneider-Electric engineers have decided to share this guide with any other concerned engineers, and have created this Electrical Installation Wiki: this represents a major change!

In the future, the Electrical Installation Guide will become a collaborative book, based on all contributions received on this Electrical Installation Wiki.

You can download the latest version of the Electrical Installation Guide (2016) in PDF format